Thinking of taking your leased car abroad?

With Christmas and New Year now a distant memory, many of us will be looking forward to spending some time out of the UK to escape the cold and wet! Idyllic thoughts of white, sandy beaches, blue skies and cocktails. The reality for many is that jetting away to the Bahamas is not in the budget for 2017. So, a great alternative is to head for Europe using the Channel Tunnel or many ferry routes.


Being a master of your own destiny and the opportunity to explore little known places at your own pace are big attractions for this type of holiday. I have many fond memories of my childhood holidays when my parents would pack a large percentage of our worldly goods into and on top of a Renault Espace. We would head south, over the English Channel (usually by hovercraft, later Speedcat), through France and finish on the Mediterranean coast. Along the way, we would stop at small villages and spurious landmarks to take in the culture of the various secluded oddities that were in central and rural France.


Many people travel to Europe for business, whether for meetings or to deliver goods. With the Tunnel being so convenient for cars and vans to travel to Europe, it can slip your mind that you are crossing international borders. Different laws apply in Europe with reference to driving, what you carry in your vehicle and how you conduct yourself.


You can drive a vehicle on lease into Europe; however, as you are not the registered keeper of the vehicle, you must first request the permission of the registered keeper before taking the vehicle to Europe. In the case of contract hire vehicles, this would be the finance company your agreement is with. Most EU countries require you to carry a certificate in a vehicle that is ‘on hire’ (Contract Hire is included in this category). There are severe consequences for not doing so.


WestWon Fleet has comprised a free helpful guide to obtaining a VE103 Vehicle on Hire Certificate and the consequences of not doing so. Download our free guide by visiting our Resource Centre.

Written by Paul Hendry.

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